Casting-processTWL is a white metal casting company that uses rubber molds to pick up the finest detail from the original sculpture. The centrifugal force moves the molten liquid alloy into the pre-cut, vulcanized mold where it becomes a casting. Once the casting solidifies, they are hand cleaned and inspected for quality assurance. We have the resources and creativity to meet all of your white metal casting requirements from start to finish. Your molds, models, and castings remain your proprietary property.

Our customers require quality cast products at a competitive price, and of course they also require on time and dependable delivery. We are proud to say we deliver on all counts. We can assist in the expediting of cast and finished products. Our company can also help coordinate or facilitate secondary operations from gluing and epoxy to painting and plating. We create samples from cast models, as well as design special and complex molds.

All of our high quality products are manufactured in the USA at our Warwick, Rhode Island facility. We serve a variety of customers in the jewelry and accessories industry and fashion world that require quality cast findings. We also make complex castings for the giftware industry from collectables, novelties and museum replicas.

Types of molds:white-metal-casting-process Rubber Silicon Mold Sizes: 9" x 1"   9" x 2"   9" x 3" 12" x 1" 12" x 2" 12" x 3" 15" x 1" 15" x 2" 15" x 3" 18" x 1" 18" x 2" 18" x 3" Types of Alloy: 98% tin lead free 88% tin 77% tin 36% tin polishing-white-metal Model making availability from: Client Drawing Duplication of Samples Photographs To Complete Lines Specializing in: Custom cast projects Samples and prototypes Small to large quantity orders Lines and Designs we have produced Joan Rivers Jacqueline Bisset Kennedy Jay Strongwater Avon Monet`casting-white-metal-process Fabrege` Ralph Lauren